Building a Prowler in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

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[Sorry to disappoint the usual 7 people who read my stuff whenever I post here on Blue Screen of Life, but this isn't a regular post on this blog. There's also no french version of this post. With that out of the way, let's begin.]

Released on August 28th 2018 in Europe on the Nintendo Switch, Monster Hunter Generation Ultimate is the first entry in the mainline Monster Hunter series to let you play as a palico. This is known as Prowler Mode. Or well. MHGU is the second entry with Prowler Mode, as it was actually introduced in Monster Hunter Generations, on the Nintendo 3DS. MHGU is based on MH Gen, and adds G rank as well as more monsters, quests and a brand new final boss.

As far as I know, Prowler Mode should be available at the beginning of the game. You'll need an available palico to play as one. You can activate Prowler Mode on the Palico Board, and return to Hunter mode anytime that way.

Well, welcome

This "guide" will focus more on helping you BUILD the prowler of your dreams, and less about moment to moment gameplay. It is not meant to be read fully in one go, but I tried to order things in a logical way. I will not provide much complete builds, if at all, but instead try to help you reach the answers you seek about how you want to build your own cat. That is the purpose of this post : to help you figure things out. There are already resources out there about Prowler Mode, with builds and quick advice, but I didn't find 1 resource with all info, links and advice I was looking for. In my Prowler journey I also had to connect one and one to make my own answers on a bunch of things. This post aims to address that. Ultimately it will lack some info because I'm not omniscient and no one is, so feel free to double-check things elsewhere and use other resources as you see fit.

The Prowler Compendium on /r/MonsterHunter is good start if you haven't read it yet.

This post will assume you're far enough into the game and have unlocked level 99 on your palicos (scouting level = 60). If not, a lot of the following advice could prove difficult to apply. Gaijin Hunter made a great video showcasing a useful method to quickly level a cat from 60 to 99. I invite you to watch it, it is vastly faster than bringing cats into your hunts. Teaching the DLC skill Pro Experience will make this process a lot faster.

The vast majority of numerical data provided here comes from ISharingan's amazing Palico & Prowler Data and Build Calculator. You'll have to trust me on this ; a few resources about Palicos and Prowler still incorrectly display partly wrong or incomplete numbers. This is a problem especially for Motion Values, and you'll always want to double check any numerical value related to prowler with this great spreadsheets.

Lastly, this post will be continuously updated as I figure out mistakes to fix, or elements to add. Feel free to get in touch with me about anything to improve this guide.

Last updated on January 13th 2023

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